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For Buyers
How do I find the best real estate agency for me?
A good real estate agency will give you truthful answers to all your questions about prices and housing options. Do not make an administrative deposit at an agency before confirming that it is the one you want to use. We also have various real estate law experts present in our company who are more than happy to help you.
Is it possible to cancel after making a deposit?
Yes it is possible. At the deposit stage, legal action does not have an effect. In the case of canceling the sales contract, 10% of the deposit is not refundable. We recommend canceling before signing the sales contract.
How do I find a good location to live?
You should first tell your trusted real estate company what areas you are interested in. You may prefer to live in an area where there are other foreigners.You may prefer to live in an area that is child-friendly.Many foreigners live in Tsukishima or Toyosu, because the environment is comfortable and modern.
For Rent
How should I go about leasing a place for rent at the best price?
You can attract potential customers by creating a space with a comfortable living environment.
For example, you can give added value to customers by renovating and fixing various utility problems (like water pipes, shower heads, faucets, light switches, etc).
How do I create an attractive place to rent?
One method is to simply lower the rent.
You should also try to fix any problems in the place you are trying to rent.
For example, try to create an environment that is interesting and beautiful to the client. It is good to consider the needs of your target. Renovating closets and other remodeling is effective in making a good impression on a prospective client.
How should I deal with a tenant who does not pay their lease money?
You must contact the board of directors or management company if you think the tenant is not a faithful person.
If that is not effective, you can also remind them of payment by sending them regular payment documents.
Also you have to contact the tenant’s guarantor as soon as possible.
Finally, if nothing works, you may have to use legal means to receive payment.
It is also important for you to be selective about who you allow to rent your property and to choose wisely before making a contract.
These are wise policies that permeate most rent guarantee companies.
For Investment
How can I distinguish the strength of a building?
There are 3 points to consider:
1. The ground of the building.
  If there is freshly dug up ground in the area, it is usually a sign that there is foundation work going on. Be sure to inquire about recent foundation work.
Foundation work is important in the case of laving earth on the ground.
2. Shape of the building.
"C" , "F" ,and "V" , shaped buildings are easier to sustain damages at the time of an earthquake.
A rectangle shape is the most suitable.
3. Cracks in the building structure.
à Check areas where you would not usually look. Some important areas to check are around emergency staircases or any cracks in concrete. Try to compare crack width with the 0.5mm lead of a mechanical pencil.
Who is responsible for repairs when leasing a facility owned by myself?
An item about “defect security responsibility” is mentioned in the contract. Even after an article has been handed over, if the article has sustained damages, the person liable has already been determined in the contract. However, the liability period is already determined and is difficult to recognize when the liability period expires so it is essential to check this when proceeding with the contract.
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